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Quality of articles made of false and 100% human hair.
Quality of articles made of false hair is guaranteed by 5-stars world’s rating of manufacturing companies.

What raw materials are used in manufacture of wigs?
Wigs are made of up-to-date man-made synthetic fibre (canecalon) - on the basis of seaweeds and from 100% human hair ( India, Koreja ).

What is the difference between wigs, made of natural hair, and wigs made of synthetic hair?
Modern wigs made of false hair visually do not differ from their analogues made of natural hair.
In general, the difference between articles is seen in daily use. Wigs made of natural hair must be set after washing, but for all that the shape of such wigs depends on weather conditions, and the wig may look tired because of dampness. Wigs made of false hair are intended for those persons who want to save their time because such articles preserve their appearance at any weather conditions, and after washing as well.

For what purpose wigs, made of artificial hair, acquire mess at the bottom of hair?
False hair is subject to rubbing at the bottom; this is necessary for the purpose that the Article preserves its original form. Thanks to such hair-mess wigs made of false hair acquire certain volume.

What kind of care need articles made of false and 100% human hair?
In order to take care of Articles it is advisable to use neutral agents (shampoo, conditioner,protein, varnish in weak fixing).Our firm recomend The complete set of cosmetics of firm Sokap ( Italia ). Articles are subject to washing once in 2-3 months.

False and 100% human hair

Any mess can be carefully removed with the help of a comb or a rake: shampoo must be whipped in cold water, then the Article must be placed into water and kept in water for 10-15 minutes, then the Article must be rinsed in clean cool water several times – until shampoo entirely washes off.
A little quantity of conditioner or balsam must be diluted in cool water, and the Article must be placed in it for more 10 minutes.
Then hair is supposed to rinse, the Article must be wrapped in a towel – excess water will be removed.
Wet Article must be placed onto a mannequin (or a support) and is left there until complete drying up in the air – in order to bring to hair strong shine. Use aerosol with conditioner. Completely dry hair may be combed.
In order to avoid damage to false hair never use hot hair-drier, electrical crimper and thermal hair-rollers.
The Articles must be kept far from open fire and any other sources of high temperature. When the holder observes service instructions, the Article will serve for long and will bring much pleasure to its holder.

How to set hair?
Articles made of false hair can be fashioned with the help of water and rake. In case hair is not too long, You are supposed to wet hair, and then You can make backcombing and form locks – this will make the hair-dress elegant and charming. You are free to apply varnish in weak fixing. In case the hair is long You can put hair up, make a pony-tail or to plait hair. Curly hair are made up with the help of special gel or wax. Every wisp of hair is turned in a separate lock.

Is it advisable to comb wavy hair
Curly models, in general, are made of false hair because such material can endure any type of hair-wave. In case curls are small (of type “Afro”) they are not supposed to comb. Medium curls, in general, are combed with special large-toothed comb, and wavy hair – with a common rake.

How to store Articles?
It is advisable to keep Articles on special mannequins or supports – in order to preserve its form. In case the Article is transported to some other place, it is advisable to carry it in a paper-bag or a paper-box.

Shelf life expiry date
Articles made of false and 100% human hair may serve for 3-5 years depending on length and structure of such hair, as well as depending on the degree of attendance to the wig. On average, clients may use one article about 4 years.

Why in the beginning the Article may set not so comfortably and safely?
Articles possess property to take shape of their owner’s head. Accordingly, in original they have got the shape of a wig-block that is used in the course of manufacturing. So, when the Article are fitted on and tried for size, it would not shrink by that time, and it is necessary to wait for three or four days. In case the client feels not so comfortable and safe in the wig as expected, it is considered as normal case. Leather boots, as we know, also take the shape of feet only after several days of wearing.

Do wigs range in sizes?
Wigs made of false hair have got a stock size, but the size of the Article can be regulated by means of special straps inside. As soon as Articles possess the above described properties, such wigs can be eased and treed. For this purpose it is necessary to wet the warp and place the wig onto a big mannequin or use some suitable container.

How to hide long natural hair under the wig?
In case natural hair of the client is long, such hair should be divided in locks or wisps that shall be equally distributed with the help of special pins. Hair that remain not hidden, say – on temples, can be removed with the help of gel, and then the Article will sit tight and safe.

Is it hot to wear a wig in summer (and is it cold to wear it in winter)?
Wigs have got ability to be thermally regulated, i.e. they preserve temperature of human body. That is why it is warm to wear it in winter, and it perfectly substitutes a cap or head-dress. In summer wigs protect natural hair from the sun and help their holder during rest when there is not enough time to make a hair-dress.

Do wigs spoil natural hair ?
Wigs do not spoil natural hair. People knew about that even at those times when false hair was used to tightly sewn on the oil cloth, and that created a hothouse effect. Now technologies of manufacture changed – in every article there are big holes that allow the skin of the head to breathe. Many doctors-trichologists recommend to their clients to wear wigs in the course of treatment of their natural hair.

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